Hey everyone,

I wanted to share with you the progression of the next Update 3.0:

First of all this update is taking a lot of time because it is the biggest update yet, and it is an important milestone in the progression of HUDlizer.

The main feature which will be available in update 3.0 is the HUD Builder

I consider this to be the feature which defines what HUDlizer is all about.

This is only the first iteration of the GUI builder, or as I like to name it, the HUD builder. With this tool you will be able to create, display and share your own GUI elements, which can be triggered using voice, keyboard and mouse commands, here is some screen shots:

The following screenshot shows how will you be able to choose a UI element (shape) based on a category, in this screen shot it shows the shapes currently available in the circles category.


The following one shows the main HUD setup screen, here we have 5 elements showing on the toolbox (on the right hand-side). from the toolbox you will be able to add and edit settings for these elements.

The Speak output element displays whatever the system will speak which will be triggered by the speak action, while the Video feed element displays any video triggered by the play multimedia action


Next, you can see the shape configurations, which are position, size, opacity and color.


And finally here you can see configurations related to the text element (the Speak output element)


Update 3.0 will also include many changes, enhancements and fixes for the recognition engine and the actions.

I'm very excited to release this update, It is now under testing and I'm planning to release this soon after testing is done.