Hello everyone,

As we are preparing for our first release i wanted to explain the roadmap from the beta release all the way to full stable release.

We are planning to have 2 versions:

  • Free version: This is a free version and has a ton of features to make it a competitive voice activation program.
  • Full version: obviously this is where you can extend your experience with HUDlizer by creating visual elements and  display it on your monitor and in VR, in addition to more features which will not be included in the free version.

We are aiming to release and stabilize base features (free version), but this does not mean that we will wait until all features of the free version are complete then start on the full version. No! at some point we will be updating both free and full versions and adding features simultaneously to both.

Another thing to highlight! is that HUDlizer may be a new application but for the old users who have already bought "Echo" they already own a full version of HUDlizer despite any changes in full version's price!