Hello everyone, Update 1.0.0 stable of the free version is now live.

This is the free version which is does not contain the HUD builder, the Full version will be available soon...


Release notes

[ New ] Added option to run one windows startup.

[ New ] Added option to start recognition automatically.

[ New ] Added option to change voice recognition confidence level.

[ New ] Added Option to Enable/Disable grammar dictation for voice recognition.

[ New ] Added option to choose a profile as a default profile that will run automatically if automatic startup option is selected.

[ New ] All action should wait by default.

[ Fix ] Fixed a bug where assigning general setting for speak actions was throwing exception when user tries to save.

[ Fix ] Fixed Export/Import profiles.

[ Fix ] Fixed Export/Import sound effects.

[ Fix ] Fixed a bug where system was crashing when user tries to change sound effects.

[ Fix ] Fixed a bug where Deleting profile was crashing application.

[ Fix ] Fixed a bug where clicking start listening causes loading multiple grammars.

[ Fix ] Fixed a bug where Prefix and suffix of voice command was not working.


Known issues

No Known issues for this version!


Other notes

No Notes for this version!